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A precious salute to dreams realized and the toll taken by endeavoring to reach for them. No matter the cost and with great, honest vulnerability. A quite poignant WWII story, unique but falling right into the mold of another great tale from the greatest generation, from one of the many who lived to tell their stories and document the lessons gleaned from their adventurous existence. Grounded in a lively, seasoned voice, this is a well-written book for anyone curious about the sentimental nature of the extraordinary and ordinary trials any of us could hope to face with the charm and resilience I saw here. High, high recommend. 

-Amazon Customer

january 2023


I served on the USS Lexington during Viet Nam. This book brought back many memories. The best part of the book is that it is simply so well written. Bob and Nancy were a great writing team. Well

-Amazon Customer

MAY 2021

United States

Artist and author Nancy Hungerford has pieced together this dynamic account from her husband’s logs and journals, giving readers an emotive experience of a pilot’s view of war during WWII.

Hungerford joined the Navy, had to accept the loss of his youthful sweetheart who didn’t wish to become an early widow and went through extensive flight training.

He flew legendary Grumman Hellcats with the Fighting Squadron Thirteen on one of the war’s greatest battleships, The USS Franklin.

Included are many details of flying — advanced turns, slips, wingover, chandelles and the like —along with being catapulted in his plane from the ship’s deck and learning to land again on that deck that looked like a postage stamp from the air.

Showing the spirit and determination of one young man in the face of often-horrific events, Nancy offers a highly readable, inspiring biography.

-Barbara Bramberger-Scott – Pacific Book Review

January 2022

Annapolis, MD

As a memoir, the book is written in his first person and wartime combat aviator’s vernacular. Moments such as the tension, drama, and euphoria of the first carrier-qualifying landings, and –– later in the war —flying over Iwo Jima, being hit by a Japanese Zero, and, against the odds in his wounded plane, making an emergency carrier landing are excellent reading.

WELL DONE is a splendid life story, nicely presented by a dedicated and talented partner

-U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, January 2022

A. Denis Clift is Vice President for Planning and Operations, U.S. Naval Institute

June 2021

United States

This is a courageous act of self-reflection. A firsthand meditation on one man’s surviving humanity as experience transforms to tales recited, truths gained — weaving his own individual path in an evolving voice into the fabric of America’s efforts in WWII. His pursuit to realize childhood dreams — the battle between the time we get in life and the earned wisdom we take from it in the ever-important hunt for what it all should mean.

-Charles Clayton, Screenwriter

August 2021

Southold, NY

We follow a boy’s passion for flying to become one of the unsung heroes of World War 11. His extensive flight training — earning Navy wings of gold — an aviator aboard the USS Franklin in the Pacific theater. Deaths of friends — destruction of his ship — while being the agent of destruction of the enemy — a toll he keeps to himself. The eye-opening July 4 mission — being hit — returning safely to the Franklin — only to fly two more missions that day. A must read.”

-John Holzapfel, Former Southold Town Trustee &

Former President, Oysterponds Historical Society,


October 2021

United States

US Navy Lieutenant Robert Hungerford’s boyhood dream of flying —flight training — his life on the line as a fighter aviator aboard the USS Franklin — major battles against the Japanese war machine. The final tribute to Lt. Hungerford will leave you with tear-filed eyes. A tender memoir — from our greatest generation.

-Edward Wellington Webb, Navy Veteran, US Coast

Guard Auxiliary, Retired Senior VP – American

Heart Association (Heritage Affiliate)

November 2021

United States

As a former CWO, who flew Army aviation with the 117th Assault Helicopter Company during the Vietnam era — reading my pal, Bob’s memoir, put me in his cockpit — on board the Franklin — in the squadron ready room — and added some good laughs at his bar stool. A tender tale of a flying dream accomplished.

-Richard Constant, Former CWO, USAR 3rd Platoon

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November 2021

The Hamptons, Long Island

In spring 2021, Orient author Nancy Hungerford released a dynamic, in-depth account of her husband Robert’s journey from carefree youth to embattled Naval aviator. Using his journals, she’s crafted a gripping tribute to him and fellow aviators that details the rigorous training, high-stakes missions, and post-service mental toll that these young aces endure to serve their country. Those looking to recognize Veterans Day by delving into the stories of some of its unsung heroes should consider picking up a copy of Well Done: A WWII Memoir.

-Dan’s Papers

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Well Done


We follow a boy’s passion for flying to become one of the unsung heroes of World War II—his extensive flight training, earning navy wings of gold, being an aviator aboard the USS Franklin in the Pacific theater, deaths of friends, destruction of his ship while being the agent of destruction of the enemy (a toll he keeps to himself), the eye-opening July 4 mission, being hit, returning safely to the Franklin, only to fly two more missions that day. A must read. — John Holzapfel, past Southold Town trustee, past Oysterponds Historical Society president, educator

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