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By Nancy Hungerford



This is a courageous act of self-reflection, a firsthand meditation on one man’s surviving humanity as experience transforms to tales recited and truths gained, weaving his own path in an evolving voice into the fabric of America’s efforts in WWII, his pursuit to realize childhood dreams—the battle between the time we get in life and the earned wisdom we take from it in the ever-important hunt for what it all should mean. — Charles Clayton, screenwriter

Nancy Hungerford

I grew up in a small town on Candlewood Lake, Connecticut. After Austria’s independence in 1955, I spent many summers there with my Austrian family. Then I settled in the “Big Apple” and became President of Creative Color, The Print Lab, and Republic Color, Inc. Throughout my career in NY I also served as a script reader and financial consultant for a small motion picture company. After many years living in NYC, my husband Bob and I decided to move to Orient, NY where we began Hungerford & Associates, a small direct response/advertising agency.

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“War is a chain of unfortunate, unexpected tragedies and, in some cases, death, which could happen at complete random.”

– Nancy Hungerford

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