Hi! I’m Nancy Hungerford

Hi! I’m Nancy Hungerford, (Nancy.) I’m a first-time author and first-time blogger. So, bear with me. My first solo publishing venture is the release of my book, WELL DONE, A WWII Memoir. While the book covers the battles in the Pacific Theater, it’s more than history. I wrote it as a love story and tribute to my late husband, Bob — achieving his childhood dream of flying to become a naval aviator and all that happens along the way. Enough said. Read the book for more. If you do, I appreciate the feedback.

My new book project — a little lighter and more fun. Stories about the smart, crazy, and uncanny cats which came in and out of our lives. I’m throwing in celebrations as well, with recipes. Will keep you posted on my progress. It will begin with my first cat ever— a cameo Persian boy — the late, great Rajah, who had to win over Bob — not a cat aficionado at the time. No title yet. I know it will be somewhere in the book.

Much has been happening in my garden this spring. The bees have a brand new, enlarged home. My pal, Roberta, the one who gets into the whole protection outfit — actually cares for the bees. I provide the garden nectar. We had to move the bees to their new, larger, and bigger digs, (Queen first, of course,) and then we watched. A cold snap hit. On the first sunny warm day — out came the bees, buzzing around the entrance of their new home in circles — in bee talk, they were becoming acquainted with their new hive. Success! Honey should be available again at our little stand in front of my home, in Orient Point this summer.

I decided to turn most of my garden into a wildflower meadow. Well, it’s only a little meadow, but it will have all indigenous flowers. You know, the kind you used to see along roadsides before we became such lovers of lawns?

Can you remember making a daisy chain — black-eyed Susan — queen Anne’s lace — buttercups and sweet violets? I’m adding cosmos and sunflower seeds to the wildflower seed mix I purchased. If all goes as planned, the butterflies and hummingbirds will have a summer nectar feast, and in the fall, the birds should enjoy a seed banquet.

Am I starting to ramble?

Tune in again — meanwhile, I’d love to hear from you.


P.S. I write a bi-monthly column, AS THE CROW FLIES, for the CT., New Fairfield Town Tribune.